Community Focus 2017

2017 Springfield Community Focus Report


Dr. Jonathan Groves, Facilitator
Drury University

Jean Twitty, Steering Committee Chair
Community Foundation of the Ozarks Board Member

Louise Knauer and Matt Lemmon, Staff Support
Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Aaron J. Scott, Design and Production

The Community Focus Report is the collective work of dozens of individuals who contribute their time and effort to ensure the report accurately reflects the community's strengths and challenges. (Steering committee members in bold.):

Special thanks to: Jon Mooney and Julie Viele of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department for facilitating the coordination between the Community Focus Report and Community Commons; MSU Communications Instructor Didem Koroglu and her spring 2017 Communications 449 class for developing the community input process and social media presence; and Nancy Eike and Sarah Marshall-Roberts of the Springfield-Greene County Library for managing the online edition of the report, available at