Community Focus Report

Community Focus Report

The 2021 Community Focus Report Now Available Online and in Print

The 2021 Community Focus Report for Springfield & Greene County—the biennial report card that highlights the community's strengths and challenges—is now available to the public.

The format of this year's report (pdf) is new to account for the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic since the 2019 report. The traditional 11 topic areas and their Red Flags and Blue Ribbons have been released over the past several weeks as a series of white papers in advance of the printed edition.

The printed edition (pdf), released Thursday, Oct. 21, at this website, takes the 11 topics and views them through the lens of five widely accepted Social Determinants of Health: Economic Stability; Education Access and Quality; Health Care Access and Quality; Neighborhood and Built Environment; and Social and Community Context. The goal: To understand how our strengths and challenges affected our response to the pandemic.

The report also notes six overall themes from the Blue Ribbons and Red Flags:

The printed report (pdf) provides a broad report card for the community. For more detail, dig into the 11 topical white papers, which are also available on this website.

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